Raydiant Screen Signage

Turn your TVs into gorgeous, interactive screen signage.

Raydiant (originally Mira) simplifies screen signage for its customers' businesses. Our goal was to seed the world with accessible, reactive, context-aware signage — to improve the usability of real spaces.

I built the engineering, product, and marketing teams. We grew Raydiant from $0 to over $500,000 ARR in its first year of sales.

I oversaw production and release of our dashboard, hardware, & first-party apps. I lead the design and engineering teams in building the only digital signage product built to minimize complexity between idea and screen. I worked closely with customers to establish our first year’s roadmap of features critical to their business.

I also coordinated our work with Supersequent, a machine learning performance marketing firm, to generate paid acquisition and reduce CAC from $1,200 to $200 in the first 3 months.



Simplifying Screen Signage

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