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MegaBits was a monster training game played in the real world — a sort of "Pokémon Go, 3 years earlier." Players saw their avatar and wild monsters populate a mixed-reality map view of their surroundings. The game featured custom music, combat, monsters, and a narrative shared across all players. Play largely centered around combat and episodic & regional content.

I ran MegaBits from a Startup Weekend pitch to seed funding and 1,000 monthly active users.

The game was highly experimental, abolishing genre staples like grinding for levels and pay-to-win in-app purchases. We toyed with a subscription model, and were gaining traction when Nintendo released Pokémon Go and sucked all the air out of the room. But we truly built something special in those years:


TEQ Magazine - Emerging Technology - Jan/Feb 2015 | FlipHTML5

Monsters galore: Pittsburgh-based MegaBits creates a mobile game that feeds off your data

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